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Windows 10 pro remote desktop black screen free download

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Windows 10 pro remote desktop black screen free download.Windows 10 V1903 black screen with Remote Desktop


You can enable the Remote Desktop option under Settings and download the necessary app on your smartphone. However, some users are witnessing a black screen even after connecting to the remote computer successfully. Many users have faced the error in earlier versions of Windows as well. Some users have also reported that after seeing a black screen, Remote Desktop client disconnects or crashes.

As always, there can be several reasons leading remote desktop showing a black screen error. Here are some known ways to troubleshoot it. As always, we recommend updating your Windows 10 to the latest version. It’s quite possible that your computer has some pending updates. Check if there are any updates available and if yes, update and reboot your PC once before trying to connect remotely again.

I will be using the Android app as an example for this post. Update your Microsoft Remote Desktop client on whichever device you are using it on. Open the Play Store on Android and search for the app. There may be some compatibility issues between different app versions, which is why we recommend updating apps.

If you are unable to view desktop and instead see a black screen, one temporary solution to solve the issue is launching the Task Manager. You should now see the desktop. Keep the Task Manager open until you complete your work. You may then troubleshoot the issue later when you have time. Setting the screen resolution higher than recommended can also lead to the remote desktop showing a black screen.

Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select Display settings. Scroll a little to find Scale and layout option. Under Display resolution, choose the recommended resolution or try something lower. A lot will also depend on your monitor’s screen size and system configuration. Bitmap caching is a process where the computer will create cache files of images and other resources, and store them locally on the remote desktop client. While useful for low bandwidth connection, it consumes resources and slows the PC down, sometimes leading to the black desktop screen error.

Since the option is not available for mobile apps, I will use the desktop app as an example. Microsoft recommends that updating the GPU drivers may help resolve the issue. Search for and open Device Manager. Double-click Display adapters and right-click on your graphics card to update it. It creates an overlay that enables users to take screenshots and record screen while gaming — also called ShadowPlay.

Fast Startup is a Windows feature that will help reboot your Windows laptop or wake it up from hibernation quickly. Open Control Panel, search for and click on Power Options. Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable first, and then uncheck Turn on Fast start-up option. Just open the Command Prompt with admin rights and type the command below, and then hit Enter.

In case of laptop, leave it connected to a power source since the process may take a while. Restart the computer after the scan completes. If everything fails, you may try and create a new user account to see if that works. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter a user ID, password, and other details to create a new account. When done, you can easily give admin privileges to that account. Click on the account name in Settings and select Change account type.

Switch user accounts and try connecting with user ID details of this new account from the remote desktop client. See if you still get the black screen on desktop or crashes thereafter. For the most part, remote desktop client should work as intended. However, there are still some undiscovered quirks in Windows which may result in the desktop black screen error. Hopefully, one of the solutions mentioned above worked for you.

If you found another solution, do share with us in the comments below and we shall include it as well. Next up: Still can’t connect remotely to your computer? Facing some other issue instead of seeing a black screen on desktop? Read the next post for some solutions to solve that error.

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A Complete Guide to Fix the Windows 10 Black Screen x Free Download Windows 7 ISO Ultimate x Download Windows 7 Professional ISO x Skip to content Blackmagic Design customer support provides the latest software updates, support notes, instruction manuals and contacts for any product related questions


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Tranissa Creme Inventory Expert. Sometimes we need to be in two places at once. You might be at home, on vacation, or out of the country and need to access your work device. It provides easy access to all your apps, files, and network resources. Follow these instructions on the device you want to control remotely. If you have Windows 10 Home, you need a upgrade before you can set up Remote Desktop because it can connect to a device that has Remote Desktop set up but can’t host a remote desktop connection.

To do that, select Change product key or upgrade your edition of Windows and refer to this support article, Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro. Additional options are available to customize your Remote Desktop, just select Show settings to see what you can change.

In Advanced Sharing settings , you can adjust the separate network profiles created by Windows for each network you use private, guest, and public. Within each drop-down, you can choose to share your network, files, printers, and passwords with people on the network.

When adjusting these settings, each option will give you a brief description on what people can access while on the network. For example, turning on password protected sharing will only allow people who have a user account and password on this computer to access shared files, attached printers, and the public folders. In Remote Desktop Connection , enter the name of your computer and username that you created earlier, then Connect. To connect to a remote PC, that PC must be turned on and connected to the internet.

No account? Create one! How to set up Remote Desktop Follow these instructions on the device you want to control remotely. Here, you will find all the information regarding your PC.

In Enable Remote Desktop , make sure the feature is turned on. Select Confirm to turn on Remote Desktop. You can manage power and sleep settings here. If you want to rename your device, go back to the About page and rename it. Once User Accounts have been added, make note of the one you wish to use for Remote Desktop. Select the desktop name to connect. Select the PC name to connect. Tags Remote Desktop remote access desktop remote access work from home productivity. Close Copy link.