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Using microsoft access 2016 independent project 4-6 free download

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Read more master. This plugin allows you to execute shell commands on your server.


Using microsoft access 2016 independent project 4-6 free download


MS Access can create affordable applications that are precisely tailored to your needs. It also offers maintenance and support for existing access applications and databases. The MS Access can be used to create beautiful reports which can help you to prepare your data appropriately. It could also help modernize your old access applications and bring them up to date With MS Access, data from Excel, Word or Outlook can be linked or imported with ease. MS Access projects can create open interfaces that are tailored to your company or project.

This system will use the MS Access database and will be used for small elections in colleges or universities. Admin will have the right to register the voters and monitor results. Voters will have to log in and vote accordingly. The site will have the main page, a history page, user course pages, and links to different faculties. Automated Alerts: Send automated alerts to one or many by setting the timer. A message is sent at the time that has been set.

Reports: A feature has also been provided where a report carated on the messages sent depending on the date. Benefits :. Customer retention: Build on existing customer relationships to improve productivity and maximize customer loyalty.

Boost customer retention. Make sure your existing customers are satisfied. Easy and fast communication medium: The solution is easy to use and since customer communication is through SMS medium the message reaches the customer in a jiffy.

Focus on core competencies: No more concerns about promoting your brand and in communicating with your customer. Focus on your core business activities and competition. Anytime, anywhere banking : Unlike other mediums of banking like emails or snail mail the sms banking media can be used anywhere and at anytime. Reduced human errors : Since there is very little human interaction required, the Solution being automated even small human errors can be reduced. Save costs on unnecessary phone calls: There is a huge reduction in the calls made to the bank or to customers since the customer inquiries are answered almost till the last level.

So it is very essential part of the educational qualification. Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application is the course offering me a unique change to find the place of utilizing computer in meaningful way. It provides me all the theoretical aspects with practical knowledge.

The project training in the 2nd Semester of the course gives me the exposure to the real world. The aim of the project training, by understanding a live project, is to have practical experience of the real world.

It also clears the picture of practical field to prompt the students to develop their qualities talents, etc. So that I can expand our view about the implications of the theoretical knowledge in the practical field. The period of the trainings would be around one and half month. The main aim of the feasibility study is to determine whether developing the product is financial and technically feasible. The feasibility study involves analysis of the problem and collection of the data which would be input to the system, the processing required to be carried out on these data, the output data required to be produced by the system, as well as study of various constraints on the behaviour of the system.

The goal of the requirement analysis and specification phases to clearly understand the exact requirement of proprietor and to systematically organise these requirement into a specification document.

Requirement analysis involve obtaining a clear and through understanding of the developed, with view to removing all ambiguities and inconsistencies from the initial client perception of the problem. The functional requirements of the system documented in the SRS document should Cleary described each function which the system would support along with the corresponding input and output data set. The non-functional requirements deal with the characteristics of the system that cannot be expressed as function.

It includes aspects concerning maintainability, portability and usability and also includes reliability issues, accuracy of results, human computer interface and constraints on the system implementation. The goal of implementations a part of SRS documents gives some general suggestion regarding developments.

The goal of the design phase is to transform the requirement specification into a structure that is suitable for implementation. In some programming language. Through the design phase we can derive the software architecture from the SRS documents. The purpose of these phase software development. During the implementation phase, each component of the design is implemented as a program module, and each of these program modules is unit tested, debugged and documented.

Integration and Testing: During this phase the different modules are integrated in a planned manner. The different modules making up a system are almost never integrated in a single shot. Correct errors that were not discovered during the product development phase. This is called corrective maintenance. It took us great to develop this software in Visual Basic as Front end and Access as Back end interface. This software is duly tested on different environment of hardware and software.

The data security of this software is great as the data stored in various tables with unreadable characters. This software provide various data such as Stock market Business, Stock information, the Balance details of the firm, Client personal Information, Script detail etc. It also provides data such as various Companies along with its Shares with specific code and type of the category.

Skip to content. Project Objective: The casting of the online voting system from virtually from college building and display voting results for the administrator to analyze and provide a most secure and user-friendly online voting system.

SOLUTION: Developing a website is a much easier way to reach students all over the world as compared to other media such as advertisements, newspapers, etc. It includes the brief note from the Chairman about the University and their contact numbers. There is a lack of interactive section for all those who wish to enroll in the University and also lacks in access of the mark sheets of any particular student.

There is also a lack of many features like online merit system, online search of the site, etc. The existing system is not capable of letting users send their thoughts, opinions, suggestions, etc. It does not include the fees infrastructure for any course offered. It does not contain the detailed information about the web site, so the layman would find difficult to access it, as there is no search mechanism or any site map.

It does not contain the mark sheet system for the current year, and also the merit list for any particular entrance test conducted. The information is a bit scattered and too brief, so the student interested have to meet personally to the university. Main reasons for the development of the new web based system: To help students in easily gathering the scattered information. To facilitate students in getting and filling up the forms. To help students in accessing detailed knowledge about the city and the university their in.

By creation of such user-friendly web based system the University would definitely prosper, as more and more people would be able to know about the university and the excellent courses offered with in. To help students in gathering the detailed list of the courses offered and their durations. To use IT for the general purpose. By this application, it is assumed that the students will come closer to the University and much of their grievances will be removed.

They are as follows: It should bring people closer to the University by providing necessary information. Facilitate the students in getting desired admissions forms and merit lists. Use IT for the benefit of the students all around the world. Simplify the working of the whole organization. Students should feel comfortable in getting forms as well as the information related to the University.

Provide a smooth touch in the working of the University. Make the University courses and the admission process more transparent to the layman. Speed up the task of accessing necessary information. To help individuals in solving there problems regarding the University and the web site and provide relatively better solutions. User Screen of History Page This page displays the history of Sardar Patel University by clicking on the links frame on the left hand side of the page.

User Screen of Vallabh Vidyanagar Page This page displays the history of Vallabh Vidyanagar by clicking on the link present on the previous page. User Screen of Courses Page This page displays the Courses offered by Sardar Patel University by clicking on the links frame on the left hand side of the page. User Screen of Login Page From here one can sign for new registration as well as edit the existing information by providing the Registration Number and Password.

User Screen of Registration Form Used for Editing This page displays login page for the online mark sheet of a particular student by providing the appropriate seat number. User Screen for Reports This page displays the reports included in the site. User Screen for Mark Sheet This page displays the login page for Mark sheet of any semester of the current year. User Screen for the Aggregate Marks of the Student of 6th Semester This page displays the aggregate marks of the Student of all the semesters.

User Screen for the Online Registered Forms This page displays the choice for the reports of the registered students. User Screen for Reports of B. Registered Students This page displays the report of the students enrolled by the registration form having background as B. User Screen for Reports of Other Fields Registered Students This page displays the report of the students enrolled by the registration form having background as Other Fields.

User Screen of Feedback Page This page displays the feedback screen by clicking on the link present on the left hand side of the Welcome page. Hence it provides security. Easiness — The user simply has to follow series of instruction which makes project very simple to use. Speedup result processing — While manually it may take time to search for books but it helps to speed up processing. And also issue and return processes are easy.

Also database for students and books help in speeding up work of management of library Library management system is software for automating the manual library system of a college. Functionalities of active library like issuing of books, returning of books and query processing. The Books and Students are given a particular unique id no. So that they can be accessed correctly and without errors. Our main aim of the project is to get the correct information about a particular student and books available in the library Library management system is standalone in nature.

The project is implemented to bring a simpler interface for the users and provide them with easy search and access methods. Net platform Microsoft Access. The designing of project is not up to the level of software market, it has a lot of scope to improve. If he or she forgets his or her password they need to sign up again.

The reader or the administrator can use this one at a time, that means only one transaction can be processed at one time that may be issue, return or any other. The database is not vast.

There is no option for the payment receipt of the fine submission. In depth details regarding every the security aspects of the project needs to prepared and then taken steps taken or functionality included to preserve security. New option like option for the payment receipt of the fine submission can be included. We have tried our best to present the simple interface to the user and remove the complexity of using a manual library like searching and fine calculation. For example, let us take into consideration of a person who is on the move and requires some immediate information on his bank account.

There is a huge list of mobile users, which only adds to the existing list of advantages. Get mobile with InstaBank.