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Windows 10 auto shutdown and startup free.How to Automate Startup and Shutdown in Windows?

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Peusens Shutdown Timer 1. Peusens Shutdown Timer enables you to shutdown or restart your machine at a user-defined amount of time. Kybernet Kybernet is designed to automate your daily routine and features quick notes, autorun, a password manager, file encryption, message reminders, hotkeys and more. FRSWiggle 1. FRSWiggle enables you to keep your machine from going to sleep mode and the screensaver from running.

LizardSystems Remote Shutdown 4. LizardSystems Remote Shutdown allows for the remote shutdown and restart of a single computer or a group of computers. WakeUp 2. BootSafe is a one-click utility to reboot to safe mode – provides options to choose normal safe mode, safe mode with networking, or safe mode command prompt only.

Argente Autorun 3. Argente Autorun displays your Windows startup applications and then permits you to manage them easily. Amphetamine 3. Elgindy PC Shutdown 1. OSL Boot Manager is designed to allow you to run up to one hundred separate operating systems on your machine. Econap formerly Stand-Bye! EasyBCD 2. EasyBCD helps you take control of your boot loader. Fast Startup Disabler 1. Shutdown PC Remotely 2. Shutdown PC Remotely permits shutdown, restart, logoff, hibernate, sleep, and locking your pc remotely from anywhere using any device.

PC Sleeper 2. PC Sleeper is a simple tool crafted for the easy scheduling of restart, standby mode, logoff or shutdown with configurable countdown timers.

AutoStarter X4 [ 1. AutoStarter allows you to easily launch music, directories, shortcuts, files and web pages using time-saving batch files. USB Shutdown 1. VCL Shutdown Clock 1. VCL Shutdown Clock allows you to setup multiple shutdown tasks including shutdown, restart, log off, lock, hibernate and more.

PassMark Rebooter 1. NetStart 0. NetStart lets you choose which applications start when an internet connection becomes available instead of Windows startup. AutoRunnerX and AutoRunnerU are autorun-extensions for Windows that can open programs and files when a USB flash drive or external hard disk is connected to the computer. AlomWare Reset 4. CleanTempShutdown 1. CleanTempShutdown is a portable app to clean the Temp folder, then shut down the computer. K7 Auto-Run Tweaker 1. WinMend Auto Shutdown 2.

WinMend Auto Shutdown is a freeware utility that can turn off your computer automatically. GSA Autostart Cleaner 2. GSA Autostart Cleaner provides a view of all autostart entries and context menus and allows you to remove them for potentially quicker boot times. Shutdownwin 1. Shutdownwin is a simple tool for the timed shutdown, restart or suspending of Windows. Autologon 3.

Autologon enables you to enable or disable Windows built-in autologin feature quickly. NoVirusThanks Shutdown Logger 1. NoVirusThanks Shutdown Logger is a service-only app that logs the date, time, and uptime of logged in users. NPowerTray 1. NPowerTray allows the launch of various shutdown actions directly from the systray. ShutdownBlocker 1. ShutdownBlocker is intended to intercept and block restart, shutdown, and logoff commands in a simple fashion. Starter 5.

Starter is a useful startup management utility that enables control over all auto-start programs and more. SDS Shutdown Scheduler 2. SDS Shutdown Scheduler is a utility that allows the user to automate shutting the system down or closing specified applications. Windows 8 Power Shortcuts 1. MsConfig Cleanup Utility 1. A small tool included with most Windows Operating Systems which allows you to enable or disable auto-start Programs and Services.

GAG 4. PC Startup Master 3. PC Startup Master allows you to disable or delay startup apps that may be causing you to experience slow system startup times. You can use this freeware software on any version of Windows, including Win 11, 10, 8. You can download the latest version of the Auto Shutdown tool from here. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Topics Covered. Share this Post: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading How to Change Windows 10 Product Key? But if you prefer to shut down your computer every day or when idle for a long time, you can use the Task Scheduler to schedule an automatic system shut down instead.

Task Scheduler is a job scheduling utility available on Windows operating system. You can use it to create a scheduled task to shut down your PC every day at a specified time. The Task Scheduler will trigger the shutdown action daily at your specified time and power off your PC.

If you want, you can add a trigger condition to your shutdown task to determine when the task should run. This is helpful if you want to run the shutdown task after a specified period of inactivity.



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