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How do I turn my databases into apps that others can use?

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Runtimes are still in FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced. Downloading a free demo copy of FIleMaker is pretty good option, but now you’ve. So, yes, runtime solutions do lead to FileMaker revenue perhaps almost as much as the day trial Pro. Besides, if anything, FileMaker Pro Advanced might have.

Runtimes are deprecated in filemaker pro 17 advanced free download. Filemaker 19 Runtime Deprecation And Alternatives

Thanks to your very helpful input, I have just ordered and am now downloading FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced, and look forward to making some run-time. We deploy a “local application” using FileMaker Pro under the SBA agreement I asked an appropriate person at FMI about Runtimes being deprecated shortly. Filemaker runtime deprecation and alternatives no more in 19 pro fmforums com executive summary a year review tidbits developer utility option.


Sell a product using the Runtime


I’m really hoping I’m misunderstanding something – but at the bottom of this page, it seems to say that the Runtime is being deprecated.

Is that how others understand this? It says “to be deprecated” so don’t start building a business on it now. It means it will be pulled from a future product and no longer be available. It just serves as fair warning.

That is a huge change! My entire reason for having FMP Advanced is a shrink-wrapped product based on the runtime. So the message here is don’t expect future development – which to me says, anyone who considers runtimes critical, time to start planning your exit strategy.

Hopefully someone will explain to me that I’m over-reacting, because there is some obvious alternative I’m missing. What the heck Filemaker I mean, there are some huge glaring issues with runtimes at the moment no Client-Server functionality, but there are workarounds , but I guess they’re assuming that if you have an internet connection, WebDirect is the product that they want you to use So I’ve never looked at Web Direct — my product is essentially a single user solution or a few people in a household.

Would web direct allow me to do essentially the same thing as a shrink-wrapped product based on runtime does now? It doesn’t require server?

And I wouldn’t be distributing actual copies of filemaker itself? No – I appreciate the suggestion but totally not viable – both for my client base many senior citizens and the product, which requires a lot of data entry, printing, etc. It’s fundamentally a desktop solution. I could imagine running it in a browser – but not if it requires server. And individual users maintain their own database of personal medical data – it’s not a centralized database in any way.

Well I guess it’s time to start planning to code this from scratch in a compiled language and abandon FMP after over 10 years. Kind of a slap in the face to an important subset of their customers. You can create a solution in Filemaker Pro , then use FMPro Migrator to convert it into a Microsoft Access Database – which has a runtime solution you can sell.

Or use it to convert your Filemaker solution to a stand alone LiveCode Application – which you can sell on the Mac App store. It works great for doing the conversion. You can prototype in Filemaker before doing the conversion. With an Office for Business account, Microsoft can host your Access for web solution for use within your company.

Its a great solution that costs a lot less than a Filemaker server solution. And for PCs, you can create stand-alone runtimes of your Access databases. Oh wow – thank you! I didn’t know FMPro Migrator could do that. That is very good news. Well, relatively speaking. The most recent version will still run and support the most recent OSs. That should keep you in business for at least a year more with senior citizens.

And who knows: maybe they’ll replace it with a desktop version of FileMaker Go? I would expect that they have a plan. It is a big change for sure. I would definitely like to see what comment mentioned. A desktop version of FileMaker Go.

While I don’t know anything of the roadmap for FileMaker, I do know that FileMaker has acknowledged that the idea is at least been talked about. That doesn’t mean for sure it will happen. But at least they have kicked around the idea. That is VERY disturbing It’s a ways off. They are not taking it out of So for the next months if the release cycle stays the same, you have it in the shipping version. There are options out there to fill the gap, if in the worst case scenario, they don’t replace the functionality with something that works for your needs.

I think the reactions on the forums has been a little over the top. I understand the concern, but some threads are much too doomsday for what this really is. FM 14 should be able to function for years. It’s also really good to have multiple tools, and choose the best one for a project. Sometimes it’s FM, sometimes it’s not.

I have some runtime solutions that I’m selling since FM I had an old customer come back to me with their FM6 solution – it was still working, they wanted something changed Point being – software doesn’t stop working because there are newer versions out there. You can continue to make run-times using your current version for as long as you like The writing has been on the wall for the last 20 years, ever since networking was removed from in FileMaker 4 or 5 I forget which.

Then it became clearer when major features did not make it into the runtime version since then. That FMI is wanting to deprecate runtimes is not unexpected. I’m surprised it took them so long. Sure it was cheap but you were never in control.

If you want that control and be less dependent then you have to go with a more traditional programming environment, but spend a lot more money up-front. According to the website for FM Pro Migrator, it doesn’t support FMP versions after 11, nor Access versions after , so this may no longer be a useful approach.

It would seem they have not continued development of that product. It initially a year ago did not support the new Filemaker Pro 12 file format, but now he is. And it is possible to convert Filemaker Pro 13 databases to an Access database with nearly the same appearance and layout as your Filemaker database.

That is the attraction of FMPro Migrator – it does a lot of the work for you. In regard to Access versions, realize that Microsoft does a really good job of converting an Access database to and from different versions.

Within Access , you can open up an Access database and instantly convert it to the format. You can even downgrade an Access database into an Access or database – something you absolutely cannot do with Filemaker. And you can open up an Access database, use it and keep it in the format. You aren’t forced to convert formats like Filemaker Pro does. What allows this to easily happen is that Access underneath the interface and Visual Basic scripting language is simply a pure SQL database that is the equal of Filemaker Pro but is much deeper.

I think Access is every bit the equal of 4th Dimension though as a Microsoft Product is more disorganized in its approach, but in many ways a lot easier to use than 4D since it doesn’t have the kitchen sink approach that 4th Dimension has used through the years. Every action – such as doing a query and creating a script is converted into the SQL language in the background by Access. The interface is simply a front end to an SQL database. An attractive option is to use FM Pro Migrator to convert your Filemaker Pro Database – keeping the layouts, look and feel – into a LiveCode compiled stand-alone application.

You can sell it as a stand-alone compiled app on each platform. It still uses a card metaphor. Then it morphed into a cross between Hypercard and RealBasic. There is a free community version if you want to get your feet wet in it. Given its roots, it is a lot easier to code and rapid prototype in it than using Objective C or Swift.

Should we lose Filemaker’s runtime solution and should Filemaker not offer a better solution i. You can use Filemaker Pro as the prototyper. This would not be the first time that Filemaker, the company, has abused the term ‘upgrade’. Just did a search to check that they are still using that word. There was once no limit on the number of web connections I’m pretty sure , there once was a Linux version of the server.

These disappeared as ‘upgrades’. I wonder what a US court would make of that usage. Marianco – thanks for the clarification and all the information – it’s very helpful. And I have been in touch with the FMpro Migrator developer who responded immediately and apparently there was some outdated or confusing info on the website. So it does seem to be in current development and up to date. That’s great to know. Why do you feel you’re an important subset of FMI’s customers? I’m assuming you own a single license of FMPA.

How many customers do you serve with that license? This really doesn’t seem like a fruitful direction to take the discussion, so I’m going to pass on responding to what comes off as an unnecessary challenge. It’s a vital one. If you think you can pitch a case to FMI that you can prove that your use of the runtime brings them revenue then I am sure that FMI will listen to that.