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Windows cricket cricket for windows cricket games sports games. Skip to content. Let us know your list of Best Http://replace.me/24844.txt Games for PC in that one should download and play in Created by hardcore cricket fans, Cricket Club puts you right in the action. Pool Billiards Pro.

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Brian Lara International cricket system requirements for pc. International Cricket Captain system requirements for pc. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content latest tips technology tips gaming tips Apps software Tools Top 10 More relationships tips lifestyle tips health tips Business tips website Contact us. We worship cricket and we celebrate it like Christmas but only the cricket season is enough to fulfill our love for cricket?

For these people, we have some of the best cricket games for PC. So check out these PC cricket games list and play your favorite game on your couch!! This one is probably the best cricket game for PC as it is the official game of Ashes. One unique feature of this game is that it features all the tournaments and all kinds of formats for both men and women! Cricket 19 is best known for its super amazing artificial intelligence AI which has proven a key factor in its popularity.

You will be surprised to know that its AI makes the plans for bowling and batting plans, for both the teams and players. It will figure out the bowling plan according to the player which will make it more realistic! When it comes to batting, the computer will try to avoid giving the strike to the weaker player in case of opposition so you will have to strategies as well! Its career mode is highly advanced and you can actually recreate some of the epic matches in the cricket history.

Don Bradman is inarguably the most popular cricket game for PC and the reason behind this may be its fine gameplay and realistic graphics. The reason behind its popularity its the career mode where a player lives a journey from just being a newcomer to a legend. When in doubt just stick to the Don Bradman! Cricket 07 is the best PC cricket game. This game has gained huge popularity among cricket playing nations like India, Australia and many more.

Its cover features Andrew Flintoff, an English cricketer. You can play cricket in many formats and different lengths of overs including 50overs, 20 overs, 10 overs or 5 overs. And of course 5-day test matches and 4-day first-class matches.

You can customize the pitches by selecting a different size, and you can also choose different weathers and conditions to play. You will be playing through many national and international tournaments to become the champion. RAM: MB. Brian Lara International Cricket You can play as the team from England, Australia, or the West Indies. Try out your luck go beat some of the finest cricket teams. And play like the legendary cricketer Brian Lara. Brian Lara International Cricket system requirements for pc.

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1. This one is the next installment of Brian Lara series. And it has just improved! The main focus of this game is on the shorter one-day events. The game has introduced the ICC world cup mode which has gained much praise from the critics.

The gameplay and its physics are also phenomenal and you will simply love the game and that is why we have placed it on number 3 of our best cricket games for PC list. We welcome you to the most fun and unique cricket game for PC. Everything in this game has been taken from the real cricket world, be it the players or stadiums you will find everything exactly the same as they are shown in BBL.

Its special effects are its biggest center of attraction, for example, you will actually see flaming trails when you hit a six! You can make your game more interesting with its powerups for both bowlers and batsmen. The fact that you will find all the leading and top international teams is a big reason for its massive popularity among youth. You can participate with your domestic team and play in countries like Australia, England, South Africa, and New Zealand. You can manually position your teams on the ground and improve your fielding.

Overall this one is truly a gem when it comes to the best cricket game for PC. Have you ever imagined a team that has every legendary player in cricket history in one team?

Well, that can now happen with cricket captain This game contains a database of over 7k cricket players and that includes every legend of the cricket world that has ever appeared. You can play many international matches all around the world that include t20 leagues and its new test series. You can choose both the teams with any international player and make them battle against each other! The graphics and gameplay are so on point that you can play this game for hours! Cricket 07 tops our PC cricket games list.

Cricket coach is best known for its realistic graphics and its many many strategic options that give you a feel of a real match. Battle against some of the finest teams and mark your victory!

An amazing Cricket video game for PC. It is developed by Transmission Games and published by Codemasters. The game includes natural and interactive bowling control. It makes you feel dynamic and natural batting. An important feature of the game is Hawk-eye visualization during play. Ashes cricket lets you choose the countries from 12 nations. It also added now action-oriented play. This is the best Cricket game for PC to play while it creates difficulty to entertain you.

Processor :Intel Pentium 4 2. DirectX 9. One of the best cricket game or PC. It is a multi-player video game developed by Mindstorm studious. Although you can play it solo also.

The game balling mechanism is great. The game track statistics, performance data, scores, and innings of all the players playing the game. Then, the overall data is posted online on the leader board and ranking system. Surprisingly impressive game to play on Pc. Again Ashes cricket superiorly one of the best Cricket games for Pc. It is the greatest competition game. Here, you can play both men and women Ashes tours.

Classic controls over the game. The game graphics are brilliant and provides you a good structure and gameplay. Stick cricket is another best cricket game for Pc. Developed by Cann Creative. Providing 20 overs a runner can play the game. An addictive game which offers many more modes and attractive in running 3D stadium around the world.

OS: Windows 7 or higher. Available for both Windows and Mac. Beautifully created the best cricket video game. Players have a huge database and detailed strategy options.

Stats for over players with real-life grounds. New 2d ground graphics to the village which are all green to the huge stadium. It is the all-new in-match graphics and outcome icons. A game that provides you the best accuracy statistical. It is developed by Daniel Thomas. The game offers you the real international squads. Lots of strategy involved while playing. It is on you how you adjust the batting and bowling protecting strike from the games, when to fo with the particular ball.

A brilliantly designed graphic game. Programs with the latest international squads and averages. Another impressive best cricket game for Pc. The game is developed by Melbourne House and published by EA sports. If you still love the old retro game, then the game will definitely meet your desire. The game contains adequate multiplayer and easy in learning. The game provides Commentary from the legend Richie Benaud though it is optional.

The graphics are very much dated compared to now.


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May 16,  · Home Cricket Games Download Game EA Sports Cricket Full Version PC Game Download Game EA Sports Cricket Full Version PC Game CarolineWinner May 16, Windows 10 For Arm Iso Download. May 12, Devil’s Hunt PC Game Free Download . Dec 19,  · Cricket 19 is a very modern cricket game that has been on offer. The gameplay is better than many cricket games and the customization level is comparable to some 2k games. The community is also great for this game. Cricket 19 pc game download It’s great to be able to update stadiums, kits, and even player statistics. There is a lot of room. Dec 02,  · Download Cricket 07 Full Version For PC. EA Cricket 07 is a cricket video game. It was released for PC on November 14, Cricket 07 is produced by HB Studios and published by EA Sports. This is the last cricket game published by EA Sports.